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In looking at the various posts regarding cell phones or other company-provided devices, I see that most of the posts are older. We are looking to update our current policy and would be interested to see how the rest of the world handles company-provided devices (when it comes to personal usage) or using personal devices for business (are the employees reimbursed any specific amount monthly for using their personal equipment.

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  • Ours too is a few years old but we still us it...


    Employees of ___ who engage in telephonic communication for business purposes by cellular telephone for a period greater than 2 two hours per month, or whose duties require that that they be on call, shall have the following two options.

    1. Access to a company cellular telephone which would be dedicated to business usage. Personal calls should be kept to a minimum, but could be used for necessities or emergencies. Contract terms for business cellular telephones shall not exceed two (2) years.


    2. Employees who choose to use their personal cellular telephones for business usage may be reimbursed at a rate equal to, but not to exceed, the best rate available for plans equivalent to the bank’s current plan. “See Attachment “A”. The current reimbursement rate shall not exceed $24.00 a month. This cost will be adjusted at least annually, with a review of plan cost and usage on a case by case basis. The review will be the responsibility of the user, and shall be conducted by their immediate supervisor.

    The publishing of personal cellular telephone numbers on the employee’s business card is subject to personal preference. However, it will be mandatory to publish business cellular telephone numbers on your business cards.


    Every employee that uses either personal or business cellular telephone to conduct business in the name of ____ is expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. Telephone calls should be cordial, but time spent on business calls should be limited and conducted in an efficient and timely manner. No profanity, harassment, or other forms of undue or improper conduct will be tolerated. Any such conduct will be grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including your termination from employment with _____.

    The usage of your personal or business cellular telephone for purposes of conducting business in the name of ____, while operating a motor vehicle, is prohibited unless the employee uses hands-free handsets. Any employee who receives a moving traffic violation based on the improper usage of cellular telephones, or is involved in an accident as the result of the improper usage of cellular telephones, shall immediately report such incidents to their immediate supervisor.
  • Thank you for responding, Dutch2.
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