Caring for a parent out of country

Ok, I need your wisdom again. I was notified by one of our managers an employee wants to take medical leave to care for a parent in Mexico. I sent the request form and the doctor's certification form to the store and gave the manager instructions to pass on to the employee. Well, the employee filled out both forms, stating her mother's bones hurt. What?!?!?

I called the store and told the manager that a doctor has to fill out the form. She said that she doesn't think the mother has even seen a doctor yet. I can't find any info on what to do if the person to be cared for is out of the country. If we start making exceptions now on not requiring the proper paperwork, it will come back to bite us. Other employees can call fowl.

My first thought is to tell the manager that the employee can quit and come back when her mother is better, IF there is a position available. This is what we do if a person doesn't qualify for FMLA.What would you do in this situation?


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