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I have been telling our managers that new hires should fill out their W4, WOTC, I-9, etc. at the beginning of the first day of work. The managers are balking because they say it's too busy to have new hires do it at the beginning of their shift. Some of the managers have been asking the new employees to come in a couple of days prior to their first work day and do the paperwork then. Never mind the fact that you're not supposed to have a new hire fill out the I-9 prior to their first day. But, that's another topic. ::angryface:: My response is to have them come in early on their first day so plan for it.

What is your company's practice concering this? Do you pay the new hires for their time when they come in to fill out paperwork? Maybe I'm off base here so I would like to know.




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  • Our company policy is that all new hires report to HR first. We get the paperwork and orientation (where the lounge is, lunch rules, etc) out of the way before the employee reports to their department.

    This helps supervisors take care of any begin of shift business, and plan for who will train and when. Since the new hire starts their day with us, they are definitely paid for their time.
  • Same here... the first duty new hires have is to come by and visit the friendly neighborhood HR dept. We get all the new hire paperwork out of the way first thing. We do provide a copy of the list of documents that will be requried for them to complete the I-9 prior to them coming in. This saves a lot of followup if they do not happen to have the necessary document with them. We have a form that the employee completes their own EEOC information - this way we are not guessing.
  • Well, I'm also the HR department. The problem is our stores are spread throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Arizona so the managers do the hiring and fill out the paperwork at their stores, then sends them in to me. It sure would be easier on me if I could do this process, but I can't.

    I agree that the employees need to be paid for this time. I did look on the DOL website but couldn'f find this issue addressed specifically. Does anyone know if it is there so I can use this as my backup? Maybe I just missed it.

    Thanks so much for your help. It's much appreciated.

  • Our branches are spread over a wide area and it is impossible for everyone to come to the HR department to fill out their new hire paperwork. However, our hiring managers at all locations understand that some time must be set aside on the first day to fill out forms and do some basic orientation so generally the first hour or so of the first working day is set aside for that.

    Once in a great while, a manager will ask a new employee to come in and go through the orientation & fill out forms prior to their first day of work, and when that occurs, we always pay for that time.
  • Pay them for that time. It's the right thing to do, it might keep you out of court, and it establishes a code of fairness and trust with your new employee.
  • Thanks you guys. I do have the Director of Operations on my side so I'll make more headway now. I agree, it is the right thing to do and also adds to that all important first impression.
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