Employment Applications

We're re-doing our applications since what we have is so outdated. Have any of you used what is currently listed on the forms section of this site? Are they up to date? I know there have been many changes on what can be asked legally.



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  • I think that an employer should have a qualified employment law attorney review any employment application, including ours, before using it regardless of the date on the form.

    There are about a gazilllion different employment application forms floating around out there to choose from. I recommend the forms you'll find on HRLaws.com and, personally, I like the first one on the list at [URL]http://www.hrlaws.com/forms-recruiting - hiring - applications[/URL].

    Anyway, find the application form that you think best meets your needs and then have it reviewed by a qualified employment law attorney who is familiar with your business.

    Hope this helps.


    PS: Make sure the form includes an employment at will statement and an EEOC statement.
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