Online HR Document Storage Systems

We use ADP and are upgrading to PayForce and will be using their iPay. With iPay the employees will be able to view and print their pay stubs and W-2's. Unfortunately you can't scan images into ADP's system to help us become paperless. So now I'm on the hunt for online storage systems. I want to be able to scan all employee documents, i.e. pay raises, reviews, write-ups, W-4's, etc. I would like the system to be organized by store. We have 42 restaurants and want the managers at each one to be able to viiew thieir own employees.

We switched one of our companies to PayChex because they have an online storage HR system that would do what I want, but that has been a nightmare. We will be switching that company back to ADP.

Has anyone used something like I'm describing?



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