Chain of Command Policy

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Does anyone use a Chain of Command policy?

One of our managers wants to be able to share ideas with our Board members because he doesn't feel they get representation beyond our CEO, so our CEO wants me to ask the Forum if they have any to share. Thanks!


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  • Our directors/managers are regularly scheduled for board meetings once or twice a year, and are expected to give a presentation on their programs and answer questions. My time iis comin up in May.
  • Same here. We most always have our directors/managers attend the board meetings every month. They give a short presentation regarding their area of responsibility. I most always get to cover our benefit programs and what we are doing to control costs for year to year. Plus our Board members are very accessible as most are local business men and women in the communities we serve.
  • Good luck!

    The individual in question has to produce a regular report for the Board's bi-wkly meeting. He just wants to be able to bypass the boss because a lot of his ideas are turned down as not being financially feasible.
  • I would be a bit concerned about implementing a chain of command policy that prohibits employees from going above their direct supervisor. It may send a message to employees that they have no recourse other than their immediate supervisor in any situation, which can be detrimental in situations such as sexual harassment, especially if a supervisor is involved.

    Instead, I would talk with the employee and try to get a better understanding of his issues regarding his ideas and try to help him understand the realities of budget constraints.

    If he can't sell the CEO on his ideas, he's probably not going to be able to sell the Board on them either, especially if the CEO actively opposes them. If he goes around the CEO he may come across to the Board as being a bit of a spoiled child with a "if Mom won't let me do it, I'll just go to Dad attitude." Sounds to me like he needs a bit of coaching.

  • Existence of a chain of command policy, [B]or[/B] the need to develop one, are both symptoms of cultural issues.
  • Wish I could debate that Frank, but....

    Anyway, I appreciate everyone's responses.
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