Locked out of Facebook

I tried to log into FB last night only to find a message that said my "account had been disabled". The link provided took me to an area that explained that my profile was using a "fake name" and therefore was violating FB's policies.

A process for getting my account reactivated was provided and I have sent FB the required e-mail with an explanation of why my account is "CBCC HR" and not my actual full name.

This will be interesting to see what happens. I've had this account for years without any problems. There was no warning. I've never been contacted by FB before.

If FB digs its heels into the sand and won't allow account names other than an individual's full name, I think its usefullness for me declines substantially. In my persona as HR Manager, I have used FB to communicate with employees, past employees, guests, etc. for years.

I understand FB's committment to "real name accountability" for personal profile but I am hoping they understand that there is a need for "persona profiles" for business use. Here is their policy:

[*]Fake names are not permitted.
[*]Initials cannot stand in place of your full name.
[*]Nicknames can be used, but only if they are a variation on your real first or last name, such as 'Bob' instead of 'Robert.'
[*]Only one person's name should be listed as profiles cannot be used by multiple parties.
[*]The use of professional and religious titles within names is not permitted.
[*]The use of special characters such as symbols within names is not permitted.
[*]The use of unusual capitalization, punctuation, or spacing is not permitted.
[*]Impersonating anyone or anything is not permitted.
So Frank can't be "No Pants Frank" on FB. In fact, he could only technically be Frank if that is his first name or a variation of Franklin. If Frank's real first name is Marion and he goes by "Frank" that would be a violation of FB's stated policy.

I'll keep you posted. The irony is that "my account just got disabled by FB" would be a cool status update but I have no way to log in.


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