Meals & ADA?

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Our personnel policy states that employees in travel status for work-related training, etc., are entitled to reimbursement for meals, unless the meals are provided by the facilitators.

We had an employee turn in a cash advance request for meals that are provided. When we explained the policy he said it was unfair...that he couldn't eat at McDonald's or the Continental breakfast due to his diabetes.

Do we need to accommodate under ADA and pay for his meals?



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  • There is no reason your employee can't eat at a continental breakfast, whether he is on medication for his diabetes or controlling it through diet. The key is controlling the number of carbohydrates ingested daily. Careful planning will allow him to eat anything a person without diabetes can eat. Unless you are sending him to training lasting for months at a time, he should be able to compensate; and if that is the case, I'm sure the company providing the breakfasts could deal with special diet needs.
  • Well, first I would have him provide medical documentation which specifically details what his dietary needs/restrictions are. Then, I think, it would be a case-by-case decision whether or not the provided meal meets those restrictions. If the provided meal is not consistent with the employee's restrictions, I would pay him according to our travel policy's per diem rate for meals.
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    Good answer! Good answer! (Family Feud)...this plays off of another post in another section...oh, never mind.
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