Trickle-Down Incivility?

We've witnessed three major public acts of incivility over the past week or so -- Rep. Joe Wilson calling President Obama a liar during his address to Congress, tennis star Serena Williams dressing down a line official with a profanity-laced tirade during the U.S. Open, and rapper Kanye West dissing country singer Taylor Smith in the middle of her award acceptance speech. It's probably a good thing that Serena and Kanye are self-employed and that Wilson comes from a heavily Republican district in South Carolina. So while none of these incidents involved employees in a traditional workplace, are there any lessons for HR? Are you seeing more or less civility in your own businesses? If so, why? When something like this occurs,does a good apology help? And would you classify any of the three apologies that followed these three incidents as "good"? Much food for thought. tk

p.s. Here is a newspaper article titled "Is civility dead in America?" that I believe sums up the three situations nicely.


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