Fitness for Duty Certification

Apparently, my predecessor had a fitness for duty form, which I cannot find. One of our DM's is asking for one for an employee that has been on FMLA and can now return to work with some restrictions.

I read on one site that if the form is too detailed, it can be a liablity to the company if an employee gets hurt at work. For instance, if a doc lists 10 things that the employee can or cannot do, but neglects to write down "can't bend or twist", that puts the company in a bad way legally.

It went on to say that if the doctor fills out a form which has two boxes, one would be "Employee able to return to work with no restrictions" and the second choice "Employee able to return to work with the following restrictions........." This would apparently make it the doctors liability if the employee re-injured himself, and not the company's.

What kind of form do you use, if any, and would you be willing to share your form? :D

Thanks for your help.


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