Would they stay, or would they go?

Two Best Buy EEs in Denver recently tackled a fleeing shoplifter. Below is a link to an article about the incident in today's Wall St. Journal. In the ensuing fracas, the suspect reportedly managed to grab a pocket knife and stab a store manager. The suspect and two accomplices apparently got away. The two EEs who first gave chase have been FIRED for violating company rules. Like many other big retailers, Best Buy has a policy against chasing and tackling shoplifters, acc. to the WSJ. Good or bad outcome? What would you have done to or for the two EEs? tk



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  • You have to be a subscriber to read it, Tony. Here is another link to the story.


    I sort of understand about the guy who tackled the shoplifter. I don't understand about the guy who jumped in to save his co-worker. Even so, firing even for the first guy may have been too strong a reprimand. I would want to know more details about how they were trained, when the most recent training was, etc etc. The firing certainly gave Best Buy a...'black eye.'

    I'd also be willing to bet it will now be seen as a haven for shoplifters.
  • Nae, thanks for providing a more reader-friendly link! tk
  • I used to work in retail and there were two store security personnel who were insured by the company to stop shoplifters. No one else was allowed to do anything beyond notify security. The reason was that there are people who will intentionally "appear" to steal something and then leave the store. They never actually steal anything so when they are apprehended, they will sue the store for harassment.

    You could also argue that employees dont need to risk their lives to stop shoplifters from stealing a few dollars of merchandise. By forbidding them, you remove the "if you were a real man, you would stop this guy" from the equation. At least theoretically.
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