FMLA requires employer authorization?

Hi Forumites,

I could use some clarification! I took a quiz on-line re: childbirth and FMLA. The quiz answer said you only have to provide FMLA to the father IF the child or mother had a serious health condition, but that if they were both healthy the employer could deny the leave request. Is that true?

I thought the father was entitled to up to 12 weeks for "bonding".

I appreciate your responses.


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  • FMLA has 2 types of leave when it comes to having children. One is for the serious health condition for yourself or a family member who is having the baby, and the other has to do with bonding of the baby. Sometimes people assume it is one, and try to combine it as such.

    You need medical certification for the first, but not the second. So if you have an employee (or their spouse) who gets pregnant, you might need certification for health issues during pregnancy, and/or labor and delivery. Once you have a healthy mom and child though, you now move into the bonding portion. You don't need medical certification for the 2nd part.

    Basically, you have FMLA for the medical condition associated with being pregnant. Then you have FMLA for bonding. The 2nd type does not have to be taken immediately after birth. I believe your quiz was referring to the 1st part since it used the term 'childbirth.'
  • Thanks for your response, Nae. Turns out I was mistaken on what the quiz said....

    Actually, it said an ee can't take INTERMITTENT leave for a healthy child & mother, without the employer's express permission. That seems reasonable, eh?
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