Well, not sure where to post this question. Please let me know if I need to do this elsewhere.

We currenly use ADP for payroll and benefits. They do have iPay where employees can view and print their stubs online but it is somewhat spendier and in this economy, well, you know.....hard to convince the boss.

If any of you are paperless, how do you do this, and through what company if you outsource?

Frankly, I am getting tired of ADP and their customer service. If anyone is using a different payroll company I would love to hear your thoughts on them. Please feel free to email me privately if you wish at [email][/email]

Thanks much!


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  • We use Paychex and I just switched over to their online (paperless) system. It saves us the courier fee we paid to have all the reports delivered so it is actually cheaper...
  • We use ADP and have iPaystatements for our employees, and I really like it. Of course, I haven't really had any problems with ADP in the nearly 13 years we have used them, whereas some people are very strongly opinionated against them and would probably say not to go there. Yes, it does cost a little bit more, but it saves time that we would have had to spend sending out paystubs each payday and pulling copies of paystubs or W-2s for employees who needed them, since they can now get them for themselves on the iPaystatements website.
  • Ideally we would stay with ADP. I know it would be a tremendous headache to switch. We would also like to do paycards, not just iPay. We have a unique situation since we have about 100% turnover in the restaurants which for one of our companies has 33 stores. Most of the hourly workers are kids and they come and go, so the price to constantly set up new workers would be extensive.

    Thanks for the input.
  • We used to use ADP, but switched to Paychex in January. While we are highly dissatisfied with their payroll services, we are quite satisfied with their paperless system. We simply told all employees that on "x" date, paystubs would no longer be on paper, they would need to log on to Paychex's website (our "HR Online") and download their stubs. We did have some cranky employees who wanted paper stubs, but they are slowly coming around. Obviously, employees still receiving live checks receive a paper stub.

    Our company as a whole is trying to be more "green," and this is just one more step we are taking!
  • Do you mind if I ask why you switched? We have a unique situation and I don't think Paychex has the capability to do what we need.

    We have 5 companies, all different EIN's, one company has 33 stores, one has 5 stores with 3 - 5 on the way, two more have two stores each, and one store for the last company. We have approx 1200 active pays per pay period. Some companies are paid bi-weekly and some bi-monthly. Whew! Maybe I need to give ADP some grace!
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