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As a somewhat new user several months ago, I clicked on the "2003 HIPPA Compliance for Small Businesses", must have replied it and stupidly clicked on the button to receive email notifications if there are additions to the thread. I am now so sick and tired of receiving email notices for this thread that simply indicate that another user posted to the thread merely to ask for someone to email or fax them the same document that's been requested by several others.8-|

Don't get me wrong, I think it's great how willing we all are in sharing BDP's with others, and I've done so several times in the recent weeks, but is there any way for the moderator to jump into the thread, obtain a copy of the much-requested document, place it in the HR Documents forum, and then post to the thread providing a link to the document in the other forum for all others who want it? It would save on the Me Too posts and be much more convenient and easier to obtain for those who are interested.

If you can't do that, can you at least find a way that I can "unalert" myself from a thread? Please?!xpray


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  • AJ As I recall, you are unfortunately doomed once you hit that button. .just ask Pork. I don't use it anymore for just the reason you note.

    I think your other point is real valid. We have that 911 section and I have often wondered why some of the documents that folks are willing to share aren't just posted there.

    What say you, Forum masters?
  • Absolutely. That's what the 911 section is for. Sorry I didn't notice the HIPAA thread until it had already metastasized.

    I suppose there might be reasons participants would be willing to email or fax a report but not have it online, however.

    And you're right that there's no good way to un-subscribe yourself from notifications.

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  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 03-17-04 AT 11:27AM (CST)[/font][br][br]Brad, see Need a Sample Letter under FMLA. .it is growing. I think there are a couple more right now on the Employment section.

    EDIT: Can we ask about medical conditions is another
  • Stupid me (again!), I thought there was a location in the HR Documents forum to actually "post" documents that people can retrieve. If there is such a section, then I can't find it. I want to post a total comp statement template since a couple of people have requested it. But, in that forum it looks like you're only able to post notes. Is there an ability to actually link to the document?
  • Actually, I have the OPPOSITE question, (is that possible)? How do I get ON the "notification list" without posting a useless message.

    Sometimes I find a great question by somebody and would love to review responses, but if I add a post just for the sake of being added to the notification list, it would just clutter up the flow.

    Any possibilities there?
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