Couple of suggestions

I know you've recently gone through some major redesigning-of-the-website efforts, but have a couple of additional suggestions:
1. Include the ability to go back to "Topics" by having these same links at the top of a post (they're only on the bottom):
Lobby | Topics | Previous Topic | Next Topic
As it is now, you need to scroll the whole way down (or click on the "back" button, but I like to click on "Topics" link so that it refreshes the page).
2. Add a "reply to original post" link to the bottom of each individual reply. As it is now, if you are reading a long thread and get to the bottom and decide you want to reply, you must scroll back to the top and click on "reply" under the original post to be able to respond directly to that note. Otherwise, you hit reply at the bottom and it looks like you're replying to the last note posted (and indents the post underneath the last reply).

Otherwise, love the site!xclap I also visit other HR bulletin boards but find the functionality of this one to be far superior! th-up Thanks for providing it!


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