You might be a MILLENNIAL if you...

I am putting this list together for a workshop I'll be co-leading. The first two on the list I found online and the rest are mine. Feel free to add your own.

• You feel discouraged that you haven’t yet been promoted, considering all the helpful suggestions that you have texted to everyone in the department this month.
• Your mom insisted in sitting in on your job interview, so she could make sure you were treated fairly.
• You are disappointed that this job is not as fulfilling as your last summer spent working at a lead-free pottery studio in Oaxaca, Mexico.
• You have to constantly ask your friends “do you mean in real life?”
• A 30 gig iPod just doesn’t isn’t big enough for you.
• Your first reaction to any exciting news is to log into Twitter.
• You get embarrassed by what your mom posts on your Facebook page.
• You think e-mail is old school.
• You find TV annoying because you can’t control it.
• Your summer plans include a mission trip with your college group, a family reunion, a family vacation, three weddings, two concert festivals, one graduation, and hopefully a job at a cool camp somewhere.
• You feel anxious if you forget your cell phone.
• You have ever commuted to work or school on your long board.
• You couldn’t read a book because it was recharging.
• You have worn pajamas to school. On purpose.
• You have ever texted someone sitting next to you.



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  • You think strolling in at 8:05 means you were on time.
  • Those are great! I definitely agree with yours, Nae....we've had more than one employee recently who was terminated for constantly coming in late who have argued "I was ONLY five minutes late!" Yeah, but do you realize how much time that five minutes every day adds up to? Not to mention your lax attitude about coming back from breaks and lunch hours on time. Apparently, "15 minutes" means "half an hour" to some people.
  • One of my former co-workers emailed me this one:

    You might be a millennial if you reduce your food budget before you reduce your cell phone monthly expense.
  • I think we should also add

    If you wear flip flops during a snow storm.
  • True, but they only wear the flip flops because they match their shorts.
  • It wasn't flip-flops, but I do remember almost falling down laughing when I watched a young woman leave work wearing very bare little sandals during the winter and step off the curb into about four inches of ice water where the snow was melting. She didn't just jump, she almost levitated. I doubt if she ever learned to wear appropriate footwear, but I bet she's more careful of where she steps now, whatever she has on her feet!

    Another footwear thing....since when did it become okay to wear your bedroom slippers out in public? (Probably about the same time pajama pants became okay to wear most places, huh?) I saw not one but two girls at the mall today wearing slippers. The thing that I noticed first about both of them is that they were walking funny, then I noticed their feet & realized they were shuffling because they had on slippers.
  • My better half is always telling me about the kids that show up for class ( college) still wearing their pj's - tops and bottoms. I'll have to inquire about their style of footwear. As I tell her, at least they came to class.
  • Sadly, I wear my flannels in public and wore them to class when I was in school many many moons ago - I am all for comfort over fashion. I also wear inappropriate footwear and earned the nickname Barefoot in college for not wearing shoes at all in the snow. My mother posts embarassing things to my Facebook account and I send e-mails and texts to people across the hall sooo.... can I be a "Millennial"?? "Generation X" sounds so old.

  • Generation X sounds old?! I am a Baby Boomer who's the mother of a Gen X-er and the grandmother of two Millennials (although, at 10 & 12, they're very late millennials). Yikes, that makes me feel absolutely ancient!
  • You wear your flannels in public? Sadly I can remember when girls were not allowed to wear slacks to school. Even in bad weather, you could only wear slacks under your skirt going to and from school, but they had to come off while school was in session.

    In 10th grade (Oklahoma City) they finally said we could wear slacks. I wore them almost everyday, and even had someone criticize me for wearing them so often. Now kids get to wear so many more things. I get jeans, and even sometimes shorts. Flannels pajamas and inadequate shoes elude me. It must be my age.

    Or it could just be hormones. x;-)
  • Maybe we should have a "You Might Be A Baby-Boomer" list...

    Like, you might be a Baby Boomer if you ever wore 'slacks' to school. Or if your school dress code even contained the word 'dungarees'.
  • The word 'slacks' threw you, huh? Well, I started to use the word 'pants,' but I was afraid of being misunderstood. x:D
  • I like it when my mom says, "pedal pushers." :) Everything shorter than pants but longer than shorts is a capri pant to me!

    As a Gen Xer, I find it insulting and lazy when people wear pajamas in public places. Even in college I felt the same. Throw on jeans and a sweatshirt at least!
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 02-18-09 AT 04:40PM (CST)[/font][br][br]I wore some capri pants last summer and my husband mentioned something about my "pedal pushers". I couldn't stop laughing because I forgot that they used to be called that in the olden days.
  • There are still some people who regard "pedal pushers" as a new-fangled slang term. They prefer the God-given word "clamdiggers".
  • I must admit that I recall the term beach-combers, of course that is from the late 50's maybe early 60's but for the same short pant leg or high water pants as my grandma would call them.
  • Didnt it used to be that you had nightmares about wearing pajamas to school? Now its OK. Its part of an overall "laidback-ification" or "casualness" that is increasing in society.

  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 02-19-09 AT 07:42AM (CST)[/font][br][br]Wow, I had no idea that people would be offended by my attempt at humor; but I guess I should have seen it coming. One reason I have been reticent in posting lately.

    My flannels are nice, plaid pants. The pjs that I wore to school (a very small school in a rural area) were also nice. I didn't say I am not well groomed and I have seen some people in sweats and jeans that should have been relegated to the dumpster long ago. My annual 'revolt to winter' was when I would go without shoes - it was a statement about how I hate the cold and it was a joke that everyone in school understood. Growing up out West in the early to late 70's it was common for my older siblings to wear t-shirts and jeans to high school but when we moved to the South it was not acceptable. Part of the dress codes, I believe, were regional.

    I am on the cusp of being a Baby Boomer myself, so I apologize if anyone felt old because of my remarks. Again, to me age is a state of mind.

    Hey, at least I wear pants!!

    Hope everyone has a wonderful day . x:D
  • Just me, but I didn't read anyone offended. .
    Maybe "someone" defensive :)
    Fun conversation, lots of memories. .
  • I know 'offended'... and believe me, no one seemed offended.
  • If it's me you're referring to, I didn't say you offended me, I said that I found it "insulting and lazy" when people go out in their pjs. I found it that way when I was 16 and still do, that's all :)

    I think this is a very interesting and fun conversation! We had a young woman (probably 21 at max) come fill out an application in a great black pantsuit. When she came in for her interview, she was wearing jeans, a black hoodie, and a coat. Never removed the coat, never took her hands out of her pockets. I don't get it!
  • I was attempting to keep the conversation going with my initial post. It has been dead here lately. Glad I succeeded in that area. x:D

    And yes, your reply was the one that hit me wrong. As my mother continually tells me, "You cannot hear the nuances in an e-mail".

    We have had several employees who pushed the boundaries with the dress code, and true, they were all under 25. I don't get visible tattoos and/or piercings as well as pants (or slacks) that make you look like the refrigerator repairman....

    We had one teller who thought it was okay to get her nose pierced - she soon found out it wasn't! Another person came into the interview wearing flip flops that showed her nice snake tattoo which wrapped around her ankle and up her calf. Surprisingly, she didn't get hired. Do people not realize the image they need to portray, at least until they get hired?
  • Really. . ya want to see offended?. . let's talk confederate flags or politics. .
  • I thought we were all having fun too, and was glad to see I was not the only one who felt that way.

    I remember pedel pushers. I even had some. Does that date me?

    We occassionally have problems with our dress code, but the most persistant offender is almost 50. It took several years, and finally sending her home one day, for her to realize what an appropriate dress length was. It is not as though she was trying to dress provocatively either, she was just wearing 'bargains.' Of course there have been a few I have had issues with (why wear your husband's shirt fresh out of a crammed laundry basket? Can you not recognize jeans when you see them?), but most of them do not qualify for 'persistant offender' because they never stick around long enough. :oo
  • My mom wore pedal pushers. . particulary to work in the yard, cuz short/shorts weren't real lady like in those days. .I wore them too as a child. Hit the 60's/70' they became "flood pants" and an absolute fashion citation as we all tripped over our bell bottoms that were not cool unless at least 2 " too long. .I was one of the last to buy capris cuz in my mind they were still flood pants! I like now, that you can wear most anything. . I guess including pajamas. I also get a kick out of my twenty year old God daughter who is back to wearing too long bells and jeans with holes. .Guess what goes around comes around which is also why my closet is full of crap I haven't worn in 10 years. .
  • Beats having a closet full of crap that hasn't fit for 10 years.
  • I hadn't thought about "pedal pushers" in years! I wore those a lot as a child in the early 60's; around here our summers often don't get very warm so those were what we wore for summer instead of shorts. There was a phase around here when I was in early Jr. High of wearing jeans with legs "pegged" so tight you could barely get your feet through them, they weren't overly tight anywhere else but they HAD to fit very closely around the ankle. That was right before bell-bottoms came into fashion; what a huge difference! We weren't allowed to wear pants to school at all when I was in Jr. High (I think it was 10th grade before they allowed it here) but I remember them having a day occasionally when girls could wear pants and those were the days we broke out our psychedelic-colored bell bottoms. Then the bell-bottoms started to turn into hip-hugger bell-bottoms. Of course, back then nobody ran around with their thong underwear hanging out of the back of low rise pants, we usually wore bodysuits under our lowest cut pants to avoid that problem.

    Speaking of thongs, did anybody else used to call flip-flops "thong sandals"? That's what we always called them growing up. A few years ago a woman about my age that I used to work with asked a younger co-worker "are you going to wear thongs?" meaning flip-flops; the other person looked horrified and said "What kind of underwear I wear is none of your business!"

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