Reality Bites

I don't know about you guys, but I'm about sick of seeing a bunch of low lifes have their own TV shows and getting even richer off the drivel they produce. Specifically "Being Bobby Brown". What a loser! All he's good at is keeping Whitney Houston strung out on heroin and spending her money.

And....Tommy Lee Goes to College!!! Gimme a break!


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  • The shows are bad enough, but you can avoid them. What is almost impossible to avoid is the never-ending commercials about them. ENOUGH already! If the 1st commericial I see about the show isn't enough to hook me, then it is for sure the 100th commercial I see about it will only make me turn the channel and stop watching to avoid the stupid commercial! I have done this too. Has anyone else stopped watching a station/channel because the self-hyping commercials were annoying or upsetting (ie Fear Factor)?
  • >
    Has anyone else stopped watching a
    >station/channel because the self-hyping
    >commercials were annoying or upsetting (ie Fear

    I sometimes feel like I'm back in my childhood days when my parents used to change the channel when a Beer or Cigarette commercial would come on.(I used to love watching the Marlboro Man say "Filter, Flavor, Pack or Box" or the "I'd rather fight than switch" Tareyton commercials)

    Now when these slime-bag blurbs for reality shows come on, I normally use the clicker and surf for 1-2 minutes until their over.
  • Yeah, and how about the entertainment value of the everyday hyjinks of the spawn of a major crime boss!! Seems like they were rich before the show went on the air, wonder how that is?

    Ah, those zany organized criminals!!
  • One of my new pet peeves (and the channel doesn't matter) are these commercials that appear in a corner or bottom of the screen for other shows on the same network.
  • Yes, it's tasteless drivel, but it sells or it wouldn't be on TV (for long). I stumbled across the Bobby Brown thing one night and was so embarrassed for Whitney that I had to surf on to something else very quickly. And please shoot me if you ever catch me watching "Tommy Lee Goes to College." But when they premiere "Tommy Lee Goes to Prison," I'll be all over it.
  • SOMEBODY must be watching these shows...because it seems like 3/4 of the fall lineup is some type of reality show.

    Networks love them because it's cheap and the ad space sells so well.

    I find myself tuning into discovery and the history channel more and more.
  • My wife is even learning to enjoy ESPN and the Golf Channel.
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