Geriatric Terrorists

I'm at the credit union today during lunch, using the drive-up ATM, and I see an older lady, a senior citizen for sure, complete with cataract wrap-around glasses get into her Lincoln Terminator. I purposely don't pull out of the ATM lane just yet as I am trying to avoid this lady like the plague.

Low and behold, she puts the Terminator in reverse, jams on the gas, proceeds to ride up over the sidewalk, runs over five or six bushes before coming to rest against the flagpole in front of the credit union.

Myself and several other patrons as well as credit union staff go check on her. Other than being visibly shaken she is fine. To add insult to injury, the first words out of her mouth are that they should install guard rails along the sidewalk!!!!

May we all have a blessed day and avoid these centurian daredevils!


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