Nutty as a Fruitcake!

We had two employees just "walk out" this week in bizarre instances.

One was supposed to work on Wednesday of last week and be off Thursday and Friday. She called in Wednesday and said she had slept in and would be in later in the afternoon. Supervisor told her that she was needed in the office as soon as she could get there. Her reply "Well, I'm in Virginia." When she returned on Monday, supervisor attempted to write her up for unexcused absence and she just walks out.

Another so-called professional level employee got in an altercation with a physician and hung up on him. This is a cumulation of a lot of "everything is fine until I get my way" syndrome. She then sent an email resigning immediately and then "offered" to work out the rest of the week. Since she was already gone, we left her a message informing her not to return to the office. Since she had already taken her personal items and left her ID badge and beeper, she assumed she wouldn't be back anyway.

Is there something in the water, a full moon, or are people just plain crazy????


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