Goals for 2004

Our CEO asked the management team to list a few of their personal goals and also goals for their department in 2004. Just curious...what are some of the goals you guys are setting for yourselves and your HR department for the coming year?


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  • 1) To completely rewrite the facility's safety policies and procedures and totally revamp the annual safety training responsibilities and methodology.

    2) To design and implement a supervisory training program, consisting of at least seven elements, to be conducted quarterly completely by Human Resources.

    3) To spend more time on the Forum. x:-)

    4) To listen to James and not be so blunt in my responses. x:-(
  • Don,

    Two of those may be difficult.
  • Too many HR goals to list all, but one major project is to revamp our SOP database to make it more user friendly and develop SOP's for all HR admin functions to provide more structure, support and training for all of our facilities.

    My personal goals are to run the Cooper River Bridge 10k in under an hour (also to beat my wife by one second and no more) and to bench press 185 lbs. 10 times.
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