Black out

Feeling grateful for air conditioning this a.m. I wondered how our Forum Friends in the effected areas were doing? Hope you are all well.. any amazing stories?


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  • I have to say that even though all of the traffic lights were out, people were being very friendly and letting others go in front of them. My normal 10 minute commute took me 40 minutes but we all managed to make it home safe. Power at my house was only out for 20 minutes so we had our AC last night.
  • I agree with Scott, I was driving on a busy 4 lane road that is highly commercialized with many red lights. All the lights were out. But, there were no accidents. All during the normal rush hour. If the lights had been working, more than likely there would have been an accident somewhere. Everyone was very courteous for a pleasant change.
  • A doctor from Boston called the local news station from New York and was describing the traffic situation and how cars and pedestrians were jockeying to get across the streets. But he said it wasn't nearly as bad as Boston on a good day x;-)
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