Company Vehicle Accidents

We are having problems with employees wrecking company vehicles when traveling to and from work sites. In each instance, the employee was cited for the accident. We want to institute a disciplinary policy for employees who are at fault. Does anyone have a policy that I could take a look at?


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  • We don't necessarily have a disciplinary policy - since we have to insure our drivers, they each sign a vehicle agreement stating that they are responsible for damage to the vehicle up to the amount of the policy's deductible, regardless of fault (our deductible is $1000). They also sign off on the fact that they must remain insurable by our insurance company. So, if they frequently are involved in accidents/speeding tickets/etc, there will come a point where our insurance company will not insure them, and they will be terminated.

    When EEs know that they are financially responsible for up to $1000, they tend to drive a LOT safer.
  • Sorry, no policy. We have been lucky to have never had an accident involving a company vehicle but we only have 3 or 4. In a former life, we used our standard progressive discipline program for speeding tickets and after so many you were terminated. If you were found guilty of DUI it was immediate termination.
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