LTD to "No Longer An Employee" Policy

I would appreciate it if some of you would share the wording in your polices or handbook which addresses how long an employee who goes on for a lengthy LTD period ceases to become an actual employee (and losses insurance coverage except COBRA rights).


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  • "Long-term disability participants are not considered employees of XXX while they are on long-term disability, and we may recruit for and fill your position. Because of the length of long-term disability periods, you are not guaranteed the same job you had before your long-term disability." (They have to apply and compete like anyone else.)

    "You have 31 calendar days in which to decide to continue your health insurance coverage. After 31 days, you will not be eligible to enroll in the health insurance program. You will be responsible for paying both the employee and employer premiums. To continue your coverage, submit..."

    "If you are on long-term disability and have not used up all of your Family and Medical Leave (FML), you remain in your current insurance program until all the leave has been used, provided you continue to pay the premiums."
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