Policies for Exempt and Non Exempt

How do you address benefit policies for exempt and non exempt in your handbooks? For example, non exempt employees must be here the day before and after the holiday to receive holiday pay, or have a scheduled day off. Of course this doesn't apply to nonexempt employees.

Another example, non exempt ees must punch in and out at the time clocks, and exempt do not.

Do you specify this in your handbook policies?


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  • We do not include the differences in the regular handbook. We are currently working on an addendum to the handbook, specifically for our salaried/exempt employees.

    They receive holiday pay prior to the non-exempt eligibility date, some extra disability benefits, etc, and we chose to leave that out of the regular handbook. We will also address their different employee discount, "working from home" policy, etc.
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    Our handbook is printed as a company handbook and the differences/perks of being salary are not in our handbook. We are also on a clocking system and require employees to clock in and out daily yet our salary ee's are set up as automatic punches so we can import the hours for our payroll system. We can override the automatic punches if we need to for FMLA etc.

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