Offer Letter for an intern?

We are hiring an intern to work with us for the summer. We normally do offer letters for new hires but I was not sure if we should do one for an intern. My question is, since is it an internship and expected to only last thru the summer, should I say anything to that effect in the letter? I do not want to say it will be from May 1 to Aug 31 because that implies he is guaranteed work. Here is what I was thinking about doing-any advice would be appreciated:

Dear Intern:
This letter is to confirm our conversation on date concerning the position of Quality Technician Intern at the starting salary of ___ effective ____. This position is currently non-exempt from overtime, and as we discussed will be approximately 40 hours per week.

This employment offer is contingent on your successfully passing a pre-employment drug screening test.

A copy of the company name Professional Policy - Guidelines has been given to you for additional information. It is important that you read it in its entirety, and fully understand its intent. If you have any questions, be sure to discuss it with us before accepting this offer.


Hr mgr.


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