Workplace Violence Policy

I am revising our company manual to include a workplace violence polidy. I actually got it from the SHRM site. One of the statements prohibits "Possession of a weapon while on company property or while on company business"

Our CEO takes issue with this saying--what about "The right to bear arms"

Is this something you all include in your policies?


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  • When you agree to work with a company, you do so under an arrangement to abide by several policies and procedures that may serve to limit your rights. As an example, you have a right to free speech, but if you curse in front of a customer, you may be terminated. The right to bear arms is similar. You have that right, assuming you have met your state's licensing requirements. However, if you insist on bearing arms in our company, you will be terminated. So, you are not required to give up that right, you can always work somewhere that it is allowed, or not work. It's up to the person.
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