form for recording "verbal warnings"

Does anyone know of a form out there to use to record "Verbal" warnings to an ee? We had an ee who did the same thing wrong 2-3 times after his supervisor told him the right way. What I am talking about is our policy on calling off sick, who to call, when, etc. Anyway the last time I told his supvr. to record the date & content of the conversation if it came up later. He asked me if there was a special form we should use for this. Our co. is pretty small and I still have a lot of work to do in the HR area, especially when it comes to discipline practices. Do we need a special form to record a verbal warning? And looking ahead, does anyone know where to get a form to record a written warning?

What is the common practice when it comes to things like this? 3 strikes and your out? I thought we shouldn't have anything set in stone but we should have a plan just in case.



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  • I have emailed our form. We use the same form for a write-up as for documenting a verbal warning.

    We have an employee discipline policy that progresses through stages until termination. However, if the behavior is severe enough, it can step immediately to termination. The verbal warning stage usually identifies the behavior, and more gently guides the ee to correct behavior. The written warning has a more formal development plan along with the policy(s) attached that are the reason for the discipline, and a specific step by step process necessary to correct the behavior, and a time-frame to do so. This document is signed by the supervisor and the ee. Depending on the severity, you may also want a witness, often HR sits in for that purpose. At the end of the development plan, both you and the ee know if enough progress has been made to end the plan, modify the plan or proceed to the next step.

    Good luck.
  • Marc--
    I'm putting together a supervisor's handbook and it would be great to have that form in it. Would you mind e-mailing that form to me too?

  • We use a multi-part form for our records. The suprevisor records comments on the form which has both tear offs for the employee each time plus a record of each counseling on the last page. The first one recorded is the verbal one, then two more written warnings, then a record of the termination.

    We buy these from Star Business Forms and it is titled the Corrective Discipline Counseling System. You can reach them at 800-859-7150 or [url][/url].
  • Our warning forms have a spot to record what type of warning it is (oral, verbal, etc.). It also has a space for the supv. to indicate what the behavior was, what needs to be done to correct it and what the next step will be if the behavior is not corrected. It also has a space for the ee to write their version of the events should they choose to do so. We have a "progressive discipline" policy in place that allows for oral, written, 3 day suspension and finally termination. We also reserve the right to skip any and all "steps" based on the seriousness of the situation.
  • Jerzal: For the sake of simplicity you can run copies of a form something like this:

    Date, employee name: (who did what and when?)

    Infraction, omission, policy violation: (what was done or not done?)

    Correct procedure and location of manualized instruction: (What should have been done and where is that covered in our policies and procedures?)

    Consequence of error: (what difference does it make?)

    Required corrective action: (what must be done in the future?)

    Supervisor's signature: Employee signature:

    Failure to correct stated deficiency or violation may lead to further disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.
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