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Your thoughts and advice please. We have two individuals, both current employees. One is going to be our clinical manager and one our administrative manager.

The clinical manager is much more experienced and we can justify her salary increase with no problem.

The big issue is the administrative manager. This young man has excellent position and has proven himself to be a hard worker and will take on many tedious projects and has done a good job. His most current job was a process improvement coordinator where he mapped processes and found where the gap was between where the process should be and what it currently is. We are now promoting him to an Administrative Operations Manager. He has had little experience in supervising people and this is really unproven ground for him. I anticipate he will be very successful in time.

Finally, my question is....when trying to give him a salary upgrade for increased responsibility, we would have to bump him up about $20,000 to put him on an even par with other managers of his responsibility level. Should we go ahead and bite the bullet and give him the total increase or do it incrementally. He probably wouldn not be a happy camper if he found out he was making this much less than the other managers. On the other hand, this is a tremendous raise for someone unproven.

Thoughts....suggestions....? Thanks


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  • Is this a brand new position? Do you already have a salary range set for this position? If so, you can't bring him in below what the set salary range is - what if you brought someone in from the outside and they had the same qualifications...what salary would you offer them?

    Just playing the devils' advocate...
  • Excellent point, nohr4u1yr. I could see paying him less than his experienced peers, but tell him up front that he'll be eligible for bigger raises as he catches up to the others.

    James Sokolowski
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    Rockie: (a final edit) I notice the person in question is a young man. What would you do if he were an old woman? Be consistent. We all know that if employees (us included) don't get money up front, they play holy hell getting it later on.
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