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If you have an employee who is required to have a certification in order to keep their job and they "attend" the course on-line, do you compensate them for these hours? If so, how do you know how many hours it actually took them to complete the course?


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  • The certificate of completion should show how many "credit hours" are being awarded or were completed for the certificate.

    If the course was required (after hire)I am of the opinion that the hours worked on it are reimburseable to the employee. In other words, the employer benefits from having the services of a "certificated" employee.
  • I should also have added that as to the actual number of hours it took to complete the course work, I think your computer guru (if done on company computer) could tell you the hours worked on that website. Otherwise, I think I would take the employee's documentation of hours worked at home IF IT SEEMS REASONABLE.
  • Thanks for replying.

    This was not a course required after hire. It is a course that is required of the employee in order to keep their own certification in their area of expertise. If they don't keep up the certification, then are not employable.

    I guess I was trying to ascertain if this is the employer's responsibility to maintain their certification for them...or if they are solely responsible for this.
  • Rockie,
    I think the employer benefits from certified employees and would recommend the employer pay for the certifying process.
    I work in a municipality, and for certain job categories in which a particular certification is needed, we pay for the application fee for the course, for the course materials, and, if necessary for all other expenses in maintaining that certification, such as renew fees, etc.
    Good morale; benefits the employee and employer.

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