Bonuses for exempts working non-exempts position

My company has four supervisors responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations of group homes. They are classified as exempt and are responsible for 10 - 15 direct care staff, including completing direct care staff evaluations, corrective action, and training. They are also responsible for ensuring staff coverage of the group homes, which brings me to my question. If they are unable to find coverage for a last minute call-out by a direct care staff, they must cover the shift themselves. They would like to receive a "bonus" for doing this. They are requesting a bonus of $70 to cover an eight hour shift and $100 for a twelve hour shift. They would be primarily performing direct care (non-exempt) duties. This shouldn't occur very often. Any chance this could get us into trouble with their exempt status? Is there an FLSA rule for this situation? Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


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  • We pay what we call a bonus to exempt employees in certain instances. Primarily its when we work 24/7 requiring exempt supervisors to put in a great many hours. We track hours in excess of 40 and pay out a quarterly 'bonus' to affected employees. We used to do it with everybody from engineers to the payroll manager (don't know how she managed to get herself included). But, we scaled it back now to only the shift supervisors. It is considered nothing other than a bonus. We're naturally careful not to refer to this pay as overtime.
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