HIPPA - Portability

Situation: One of our employees is getting a divorce. His spouse is currently covered by our company provided medical plan. His wife had a bout with cancer several years ago, but has now fully recovered. Her concern is that after her 36 months of COBRA expire, she will not be able to get medical insurance due to her history of cancer. She is a real eastate agent and works as an independant contractor. The real estate agency does not provide health insurance for their agents. I explained HIPPA's portability provision and told her as long as she didn't let her insurance lapse, she could transfer her coverage to another carrier and that the carrier could not deny her coverage based on a pre-existing condition, i.e., her cancer. I also told her to check the cost of COBRA versus getting her own insurance at this time.

Did I advise her correctly in regards to HIPPA's portability requirements?


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