Pre-Paid Legal Plan

A representative would like to present their Pre-Paid Legal Plan to our employees. Does anyone have any experience with adding this benefit for their employees? Good experience/bad experience? Do the employees see it as a benefit? The company that presented the information to us was Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.


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  • We recently offered this benefit to all employees and had about a 75% participation response. Employees pay for the benefit 100%, but we payroll deduct it. They also offer a special program for CDL drivers which is also beneficial in saving the Company money as far as fines, etc. The staff of Pre-Paid has been very good to work with. They are willing to set things up pretty much how we wanted it.

    So far, so good!
  • Well, our experience has been completely different. The plans were offered before I came to work here last year. The agent who did the "sell" only wants to come in once a year to make her pitch, and employees have found that the attorneys who participate will do anything to get out of providing services. In the last 12 months I have only had 2 people enroll, and well over a dozen dropped coverage, including the owners of the business because they could not get any of the participating attorneys to give them the time of day.

    The really sad thing is we are based in the same state as Prepaid Legal Services, Inc. and yet we can not get any better service than this. Our employees do not see this as a benefit. I would not recommend the coverage to anyone (employer or employee).
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