Funeral Pay for Miscarriage

How far would you extend funeral pay when there is a miscarriage in pregnancy?

Have an employee whose spouse miscarried. From details I have, she was 5 months along, had problems & went to ER where they told her the baby was dead in her womb. She apparently had a delivery, the couple spent some time with the baby, named it, and are holding a funeral this week. We are allowing this for funeral pay.

However, in future, if a pregnant employee (or spouse of employee) has a sudden miscarriage early in pregnancy (i.e. bleeding, etc.) without a delivery or funeral, we do not think we would be obligated to pay employee for funeral pay.

Would this interpretation hold up?


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  • I would agree with this. If an employee is far enough along in her pregnancy to actually deliver a child and have a funeral, then I feel the compassionate thing would be to allow funeral pay. If it is a spontaneous miscarriage, I would say no. This is a fine line to walk,though.

    It's like our policy where we grant funeral leave for a mother or a father. I have gotten several requests "Well, this lady was like a mother to me." Somewhere you have to draw the line or else just let employees take off for any and all reasons they deem necessary.
  • Minnesota views any fetus that dies at 20 weeks gestation or more as a stillborn. So at 20 weeks or more, the baby needs to have a burial through a funeral home. That is the criteria that we use for funeral leave, if the baby was 20+ weeks (stillborn) then funeral leave applies for arrangements and services.
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