Recruiting Strategies

Does anyone out there have creative suggestions for attracting applicants for a manufacturing company. I work for a rendering company (we process non-edible animal byproducts)and have trouble attracting qualified production candidates. Any suggestions as to where to advertise, low-cost incentives, etc. that might help us out?


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  • I'd look for segments of your labor force that are typically under-employed or might not read the daily newspaper. Advertise in small newspapers and on radio stations that cater to older people, minorities, or people who speak Spanish or other languages. Contact agencies that work with immigrants, disabled people, welfare recipients, or older people. Contact local high schools, community colleges, etc. And offer cold, hard cash to employees who refer a friend. Hope this helps.

    James Sokolowski
    Senior Editor
    M. Lee Smith Publishers
  • In a past life, we used an organization called "Catholic Charities". They presented sponsored immigrants, with interpreters, for our hard to fill 2nd shift. I think we found Catholic Charities through United Way.
  • Another good area is your EDD Office.
    I put a sign up on their bulletin board
    in English and Spanish and have not
    been disapointed in the response for
    the past 6 years.
  • Have you considered an Open House for local technical schools.

    Many high schools have an OJT program and are always hungry for jobs, contact the office and ask for the Coordinator.

    Post posters and flyers at area laundry mats and churches.

    Do you have a military base close by? Family services can help you post jobs for spouses and dependents of military personnel.

    United Way, Area Agency on Aging, Good Will are also good resources.
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