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Our Fire Fighter / EMT's work two 24 hour shifts one week, and three 24 hour shifts the next week. They are considered 56 hour-a-week employees.

For calculation purposes, should I credit them 672 hours for their FMLA allotment instead of the standard 480 hours? I appreciate your help!!


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  • "they are considered 56 hour a week employees". If this is some language in a labor agreement I would use that as their work week. FMLA allows 12 work weeks whatever their work week is.

    In my FMLA notice letter I state the hours in the FMLA bank, vacation bank, sick leave bank, health benefit costs, etc then in the closing state if they should have any questions or concerns about the calculations above please contact me.

    The more accurate method would be to determine what days or hours of each week the employee is scheduled and apply the accurate hours; 48 hours in week one, 72 hours in week two, 48 hours in week three. Your employee or Union may choose to argue for this 720 hour bank. My limited experience with firefighters tells me they will.
  • Your limited experience comment made me smile. . .you are right on.
    We give our firefighters 12 weeks FMLA. . same as everyone else. The point raised is a good one. Am surprised it has never come up at the table.
  • Our firefighters work a 56-hour week also. If they are taking FMLA in whole weeks, it is easy to track. They are entitled to twelve 56-hour weeks. If an employee is taking intermittent FMLA, we do provide 672 hours, the equivalent of twelve 56-hour weeks.
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