Does a company vehicle privilege affect the 'coming and going' rule under Worker's Compensation?

If an employee is involved in an injury accident after he has completed his work for day and clocked out, but while he is en route home in a company vehicle - would this pose a workers' comp liability?


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  • THis certainly poses an issue, but whether or not the employee is entitled to workers comp for the injury probably requires a closer look at the facts. Some facts that could affect the outcome are whether the vehicle was provided for the employee's convenience or the employer's convenience, whether the employee's responsibility was to go straight home or whether he could use the vehicle for personal business.

    You probably need to sit down with an attorney who is knowlegable about your state's workers compensation law.

    Good Luck!

  • If the employee is on their way home, it is not a workers' compensation issue, it is an accident covered by the insurer of the vehicle. Only if the employee is on company business would it be a workers' compensation question.

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