Verifying authenticy of a Physicians statement

Many employees complain that their physicians do not want/have time to complete the DOL's example of a medcial certification for FMLA purposes. Istead, they ask to submit a letter on their physician's letterhead. I have accepted these for FMLA purposes, but was recently supplied one where the letterhead was obviously cut and pasted (the body of the letter was not copied) Via the rumor mill, I have also been advised at how easy it was for this individual to submit a fake Doctor's note.

Other than the obvious advice I will probably receive to not accept just a doctor's note for FMLA, I am asking advice for the following: does anyone see an issue with me contacting the doctor's office to verify the authenticity of the letter head and the physician's signature?

I know an employer may not request additional information from an employee's health care provider if an employee submits a complete certification signed by a healthcare provider unless it its through a healthcare provider representing the employer and we have the employee's permission. But this senario seems different to me. Please share any advice. Thanks.


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