FMLA - notification requirements

In the state of New Jersey, women who go out on maternity leave are eligible for FMLA under federal (for their own illness) and Family Leave under state (for bonding with a newborn). What is the organization's responsibility for communicating this info?


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  • I am from Iowa, I believe our state law is the same as NJ. Iowa state law allows a mother 8 weeks entitlement under family leave, however if you designate the leave correctly, you can run the 8wks concurrent with the 12 wks; therefore the employee is only entitled to 12 wks total, not 20. This is allowed if you designate the leave properly, you need to communicate this to the employee (in writing) in the notice you provide to them that their leave is FMLA qualifying. Let them know that federal law allows for 12 weeks, and state law allows for 8 wks and these two leaves are being run concurrent therefore they are entitled to 12 wks combined leave.

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