Incentives for doing timely Performance Reviews

As we all know, getting managers and supervisors to complete reviews on a timely basis is more painful than pulling teeth. Have any of you found a successful incentive plan for making sure these reviews are done on a timely basis?


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  • Welcome to the forum Phammond!

    You might get more responses if you post your question under the HR & Employment Law section.

    The only incentive that I am aware of is in their own reviews. It comes from the top. If the CEO looks at this issue when doing the manager's review, the manager will see it as an important function and take more care. If your CEO doesn't make it a priority, your managers and supervisors will won't either.

    Good luck!

  • Nae is right that the CEO sets the tone for reviews. Here is a way to increase the importance. Educate mgrs & CEO on the legal & morale benefits of having regular reviews on file. Provide outside source info (white papers, training tapes, consultants) to support the financial importance of reviews, like lawsuit defense and increased productivity. Use carrots & sticks by publicly praising mgrs that do good reviews and penalizing mgrs that don’t see a need for reviews because they are placing the company at risk. Is your review form easy to use and does it accomplish what a review should, so that mgrs can see the importance? If not, revise it by utilizing input from mgrs and specialized sources. Hope this helps.

    Maybe you can use the anology that reviews are like brushing teeth. If you fail to review (brush), decay will infect your employees and some may end up having to be pulled (terminated). You want your company to look like this. x:D
  • I agree with the others. One other thing I started to do was send an email every month listing past due reviews. I send one email with the entire list to the department heads. I hate to shame people into doing something, but it works! Nobody wants their name on the list! I also copy the big boss. When the list starts to look pretty bad, he chimes in with a "friendly" message to get it cleaned up. Helps a lot!
  • Same here. A few years back I added a section on our Supervisor Eval. form that covers how they do the evaluations of their team: timely, honest, good feed back, etc... Just added these areas to the Supervisor eval we were already using and gave them equal weight.
    Good luck.
  • We have found success by doing all reviews at the same time. December happens to be a slow month for us so we do our reviews in December.

    Doing all the reviews at once makes it easier to track and it allows organizational goals to be communicated more consistently.

    Another key is to reduce the negativity associated with evaluations. This negativity is felt both by the employee and the manager. I have tried to move away from "evaluations" that are one sided or just laundry lists of various behaviors. Instead, I have pushed for more open ended discussions not only of what the employee is doing well in, growth areas, but also what kind of training the employee needs (or wants) and what ways the manager can assist the employee succeed.
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