Get that "Tooth" Out of Your Ear!

Our CEO has noticed that a few of the employees walk around with a phone over their ear (I believe it is called a Blue Tooth). This wireless device allows telephone calls by simply tapping the device and talking.

Have any of you encountered these? If so, what are some of the ramifications for the workplace? Not sure how to address them (same as cell phones, or what).


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  • Dasher, I haven't "seen" you in you a long time! Welcome back! (Unless you've been here all along and I've just missed your posts somehow, in which case - "duh.")

    I'd say address them the same as a cell phone because that's what they are -- a cell phone with a wireless earpiece for wire-free, hands-free use. If I understand these things correctly, the user still has a regular cell phone elsewhere on their body or nearby. But whatever the case, the same rules regarding whether, when, where, and how much they can be used at work should apply.

    I agree with the title of your post -- we've got one guy so far who has one, and for some reason it irritates me even more than a regular cell phone. It's like he's saying, "I might be listening to something more important than you, but you'll never know for sure."
  • Well, Dasher, I would treat this the same as cell phones, personal computer use, personal phone calls and personal visitors. They all can be lumped under the heading of "outside people distractions to the employee" or something more clever than that, if you will. I don't think I would have a separate policy for every technical device. We'll eventually choke ourselves doing that.

    Now I have a question for you, Dasher. Doesn't it seem like everyone is on the phone nowdays? It's almost becoming automatic for people to get behind the wheel and get on the phone; go for a walk, get on the phone; use a public restroom, get on the phone; sit down in a restaurant, get on the phone.

    Sorry for the rant. Hope I helped.
  • Larry you have a perfectly good point and a right to rant. I must confess that I used to be one that had to be on my phone all the time. I have been reformed. x0:)

    Cheryl C.
  • Cheryl, how did you go about gaining back your freedom?
  • For one thing, I decided to be a bit more choosy in who(m?) I call. I found that I was calling people just because I was in my car and had a phone...not because I had anything particularly interesting to say.

    It sounds crazy I know, but I even started writing grocery lists again. Yep, had stopped because I could always call home if I wasn't sure we were getting low on something.

    I started keeping my notepad beside me in the car again because I now have time to reflect on things from my day at work and even make notes. That time had been squashed out with lots of idle chatter.

    I may not be 100% cured, but I'm well on my way.

  • Same here... we group all of these types of phones into one policy and address them as such. Of course with the new "phones" they could be listening to recorded music or the radio for all I know. Just address same as any other item that cuts into the productivity of the ee or distracts their co-workers from their work. I had an applicant completing an application before lunch and I thought she was talking to herself. Upon closer investigation, I noticed that she had one of these types on phones on and she was talking to someone that was helping her with previous work dates, etc...
    Good luck.
  • These ear pieces make a person look a bit like an android. Part human, part machine, part self-absorbed jerk.

    "Get Smart" had it right. Cell phones belong in shoes. You might as well look ridiculous if you are going to act ridiculous.

    Plus people would think twice about making that unneccessary "where you AT??!!" call if they had to untie their shoes each time.
  • Thanks for the great responses.

    Yeah, I took a small break from the Forum for a bit -- it got really intense in here after the hurricanes. Sure missed everyone, so I am back, and have even visited the other site.

    You all have given me some good points, and we will simply expand our current cell policy a bit.

    Like the rest of America, even "ole fogies" like me have started to chatter on the cells too much. But that "tooth" makes it much too easy to abandom your work tasks, IMHO. Then again, the newer generations have an entirely different outlook on technology so I wanted to get some more feedback on it.

  • You know, that brings up an extremely important point. When we......, er..., excuse me, I have a call coming in on my cell.......
  • I agree with everyone. BlueTooth ear pieces, etc, are no different than 1970-style headphones. You have the right to prohibit their use inside your facility.

    I'm waiting for the day they invent a suppository-style blue-tooth enabled phone. That'll be interesting.
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