We may go up to or over 50 employees. I have always wanted to avoid it because of the FMLA requirements. (We offer the leave options but without the DOL oversight).

I can address the FMLA issues, but the Board will probably want to know of any other impact (tax reports and filings, etc.)that may occur. I would appreciate any help at all on this from the forum.


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  • You may have to have an Affirmative Action policy as well. On the plus side, you can sometimes get better group insurance rates with 50+ employees.
  • I thought AAP's were just for those of us who are government contractors??????
  • DASHER: FMLA is one of my favorite Federal Laws because of the straight forward nature of administering. You should not worry about FMLA. We are a little bit larger than 50 people, but you can always hire a temporay hire person to fill in for the missing person. It cost you the expense of the individual medical coverage premium while the ee is out, the ee continues to be a payroll person. Their position is protected by law; we find the facts in each case when put in written format is easily saved and used over and over and over for consistency.

    My vote "not to expand due to concerns about FMLA is the wrong side of the argument and a weak one at that! We have a company MEDICAL LEAVE POLICY BENEFIT which is exercised concurrent with FMLA and it provides up to 26 weeks of SST disability payment, which we even offer an additional 14 weeks if cerified by the physician that the ee can be returned to full service within the extended FMLA. We simply hire a temporary person to fill in and dismiss the temporary person if there is no position available in which to place the temp ee when the FMLA EE returns.

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