Need an independent contractor in the State of Indiana

I am not so sure this is the right place to post this. if not, Sorry about that!

our company is starting a big project for a customer in Indiana. We are in Pennsylvania. We will need to hire someone, either as an employee or an independent contractor. It is not known yet how much we will need this person or the extent to which they actually be an ee vs. an independent contractor.

This would be for an engineering/drafting type of position.

Without going into too much detail, does anyone know of any I.C. organizations or the like in Indiana where I could start looking? I really don't know where to start. If they are an ee, okay, i can go to the state unemployment, universities, technical staffing firms. But if they are in IC I don't know where to make contacts.

Any advice would be appreciated.



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  • Engineers have a professional association called the "Consulting Engineers Council" in every state. However, the association in your state may have changed its name from CEC to something else. Call a university in Indiana, that has an engineering program, and they can put you in touch with the CEC for Indiana. I'd start there. If the university can't help you, call a local engineering firm and ask them if any of their engineers are members of a professional engineering organization. Then ask how to contact that organization. These organizations always have a job line where you can post your needs and get candidates.

    Hope that helps.

    Margaret Morford
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