Which State for Emp.Law?

Our traveling medical consultants are assigned all over the U.S. long/short term assignments. Our Co. is based in Tx., new owner Corp. housed in another state. Question has arisen as to whether we are bound to each individual state employee is currently working in re: employment law or; bound by Tx. employment laws; or bound by state in which the owner Corp. is housed.

Before our Co. sold to an out of state owner, we used Tx. but now, even the new owner does not seem to know which way to go for sure. Anyone have any suggestions before having to hire an employment law attorney.


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  • good question...as a general rule the law that applies is the one where the agreement to work was formed and/or where the employee spends most of her time...so if the person was hired in texas and lives in texas and just travels outside the state,texas law applies...if the agreement was made in texas,but the person lives and works outside texas,the other state's law most likely applies...you can try to plan for these issues by inserting some language in an employment agreement(even if its just the commission contract) saying which law applies...regards from texas,mike maslanka,214-741-1001
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