Online Harassment Training Program

Don't know if this will interest anyone here, but I've written an
online training program about harassment (all kinds, with
particular attention to sexual) for all employees (both
supervisory & non). The program is low tech so that it can be
delivered via a regular modem & it's designed to reside
permanently on the Internet. This means people can complete the
training from a variety of locations and get their certificate of
completion (with a record of completion also created for the
employer). Also, the program serves both for one-time training
and as a reference to consult any time to review definitions,
options for dealing with harassment, information on harassment
prevention, behavior rules, etc.

While I was writing this program, I believed I had an
understanding with a person who has a company which uses the same
model to deliver a sexual harassment training program. He
decided, however, that this program didn't fit his business plan.
I had expected that he was going to handle the whole "webmaster"
side of creating and delivering it as that is not something I
really want to have to learn or do. I'm now looking for anyone
who might be interested in collaborating in that role. . . or any
other ideas anyone might care to offer.

I've been a freelance editor/writer of EEO newsletters and
articles and have also written training programs for major
corporations, mostly product knowledge for financial products, as
well as a monograph on sexual harassment for corporate
executives, and a sales training product. This new harassment
program is the first I've ever written not on assignment for a
client so it's something of a "new world" for me.

Thanks for your feedback and comments!

Sarah Magee

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