Required Personal Information

We have an employee who has given us their mother's phone number and address as their own address and phone number. We know for a fact that this employee does not live there. Is there any regulation that requires them to provide us with the correct address and phone number?


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  • According to Mary Rogers, a New Jersey attorney and one of the editors of New Jersey Employment Law Letter, the short answer to your question is no -- there is no statute or regulation in NJ that requires an employee to provide this information. Rogers is with the firm of Pitney, Hardin, Kipp & Szuch LLP in Morristown.
  • Having an employee provide a relative's address and/or phone number is no different than their providing a Post Office Box, or pager number. I have had employees provide all sorts of contact addresses and phone numbers. The thing I emphasize to them is that this is going to be their phone number or address of record. If there is any legal notice for taxes or benefits we will send it ther. If we need to contact them to inform them of shift changes, etc. we will call that number. If the employee fails to get the message or receive the mailing it is beyond our control. I point out this may cause the employee to miss out on an opportunity for overtime, or miss a scheduled work shift and that they will have no recourse if this happens.
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