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On our job descriptions, we currently have the pay level listed. We have 5 pay levels for non-exempt, Pay level I,II,III,IV,and V. The job description lists the Title, then the pay level, then status (exempt/non-exempt), and then all the required fields of a job description. The whole thing is great except I wasn't sure it was a good idea to post pay levels on the job description. What are other thoughts on this?


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  • I don't know of any legal requirements to include this information on the JD unless it's something specific to your state. I personally don't like to do it. It's just one more potential for error and, to anyone outside of your company, doesn't mean anything unless you are including the actual dollar amounts and not just Pay Level I. Including dollar amounts is also a problem because the information changes more frequently than the other JD information may. I worked for a consulting firm composing JDs for about 1.5 years. Most did not include the pay information. The few that did were a nightmare to keep up to date.
  • If you are concerned about the salary range for the position getting out on the grapevine, you can forget it. With the recent NLRB ruling, talking about pay levels with their fellow employees has been ruled a "protected activity" for both union and non-union employers. You as management can not warn them verbally or in writing not to do it.

    Regarding our JD's, we do not include salary range on them due to the hassle of continually updating them, and also we (ideally) do not want the money to be a deciding factor for someone to apply for a job.
  • I agree. The hassle of trying to keep the pay ranges updated would be prohibitive.
  • We do not include salary with our JD's or even when we post for job. Employees may apply for the wrong reason and it all becomes big hassle. To keep pay or ranges separate works for us.
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