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I have a friend whose workforce has started to include many Spanish-speaking employees. She received a letter from the Social Security Administration saying that 59 of her current employees'names do not match their social security numbers. In response to that letter, her department attended a meeting from the INS that informed them on how to detect falsified documents for the I9. Now, it is working, and she is not hiring many applicants because of failure to provide proper I9 documents. However, she wants to know if she can save time and money by asking (but not requiring, obviously, for 3 business days after hire date, if they are hired) for I9 documents prior to the interview for ALL applicants. What do you think?


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  • Would discourage her from asking for the I-9 documentation prior to offer of employment. Next thing you know she will be receiving claims from applicants not hired accusing her of discrimination based on age or other factors as potentially determined by receipt of this I-9 documentation.

  • If her company drug screens as a condition of employment, she might check the documentation at the time the individual picks up their drug test form. The company would have already made them an employment offer at that time. As long as they don't fail the drug test, they would become employees. Hope that helps.

    Margaret Morford

  • If the SS# and date of birth are available on the new hire paperwork (or other forms) as long as an offer of employment has been extended it is acceptable to contact the Social Security Administration and verify the personal information matches with the soc. number. There is also a program offered by the SS Admin that allows online verifications. You do not need to have all the I-9 doc to proceed with verifications as long as you have the info (SS# and DOB) and an offer has been extended.

  • Please share the website address to access online verification of SS#.
  • On-line verification is a pilot program with the SS Admin. You would need to contact them (or check their web page [url]http://www.ssa.gov[/url] ) for information on how to register.
  • If you have fewer than five names and social security numbers to verify, you can call the SSA at 800-772-1213. For up to 50 names and numbers contact your local social security office. For more than 50 names and numbers call 410-965-7140.
  • I make all job offers in writing, and contingent upon a satisfactory background investigation. At the time an applicant completes the Application I have them read the notice of their Rights under the FRCA and sign a copy, along with the Authorization to perform the background investigation.

    I require a copy of the driver's license (if they have one) and the Social Security Card. This is for the backgound check only. At the time we do the I9 when they report I allow them to provide any documentation they want, and even if it is the Driver's License and Social Security Card, I take new copies.

    This approach only asks for the information after a bona fide offer is documented, and is for a legitimate purpose, not related to the I9 process.

  • There is a statement on our job application (right above the drug test required statement) that says: "Are you legally able to work in the United States ( ) yes ( ) no Proof will be required upon hire. It is leagal to ask, not a protected group.

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