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  • We are beyond fans of NCIS, we are totally nuts - we own all seasons on DVD as soon as they are released and then we watch those and reruns on TV ---- I'd say we need to get a life but isn't NCIS true life? I wondered about Harmon's appearance on …
    in Ncis Comment by cowen May 2011
  • I'm sorry I cannot answer your questions, but I wondered if you would be so kind as to share your voluntary ID form for Vets with me? Thanks, Carole [email][/email]
  • I'm not sure if stretching helps or not. But I know we subscribe to a wonderful little weekly newsletter that I get electronically once a week called Healthetips and as a freebie with it, I get a very short little electronic mail called "MovinMinut…
  • Michelle, I don't know ov a bookk or have one, but usually the state's website will have all the laws, regs, etc, pretty clearly, you may just have to hunt around and find it. Also, you could fin a book at the Ohio Chamber of Commerce site, I'm su…
  • Greatfully, I don't have to make the decision. I fully support and believe that one should not criticize their employer or their bosses as long as they are receiving a paycheck from them, and more so when it is a military person regarding the comma…