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  • There's a great new post on the BLR Green Team blog about phone books - It's a tough decision - eliminate phonebooks to reduce paper waste or keep them around for the very few who may need them?
  • One motivation for encouraging employees to stay with a company is the avoidance of costs caused by employee turnover.  To calculate employee turnover rates, BLR has several types of turnover rate calculators for employers.  The “top performers” tur…
  • is offering a few white papers on H1N1 (Swine) Flu in the workplace for free. See: Pandemic Planning (Swine Flu): Sick Leave Policies Flu Respiratory Protection for Workers…
  • We agree, there is no specific notice requirement when a 401(k) plan has a partial termination. But because the tax consequences of failing to provide 100 percent vesting to employees effected by a partial termination are dire, it is important for e…
  • To check laws in your state or others where you operate, you can access a free state-by-state chart from BLR that shows how and whether you can legally use arrest records or must consult only conviction records. Here's the link:…
  • To recognize potentially violent behavior and prevent workplace violence, See BLR's handout "Help Keep Violence Out of the Workplace." This handout is offered free to Forum users on BLR's website at (Spanish an…