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  • I too would not mention it.  If asked in the interview why this position is open, I would state that we had an opening and move on.  The person you hire does not need to know anything about another employees performance good or bad.
  • I would reassign this employee to another case, but make sure that they suffer no harm in doing so.  For example, is there a pay difference for working with this client as opposed to another?  Will this transfer to a different client mean advancemen…
  • I agree with TXHR Guy, this supervisor needs some coaching.  A verbal warning is ok to start with, but those need to be documented as well.  Does the supervisor understand your discipline policy?  I think now is a good time to review it, while this …
  • I think you will be doing a disservice if you peruse this to the level you are. What message will you be sending to other employees who may want to report information/abuse to you? While yes, anonymous charges are difficult to investigate, I think …
  • The accomodation issue aside, if you are running a brigade system in the kitchen, the cook should be verbally repeating the change.  If you do not run this system, you may look at implementing the call and response portion.  This will not only ensur…
  • I would suggest starting to volunteer for student organizations.  My local SHRM Chapter asks for HR folks to conduct mock interviewing for HS students a different times throughout the year.  This would be a good way to get back into HR a bit and hel…